Chalet Berghof Sertig

Luxury apartment on the outskirts of Davos

In his novel "The Magic Mountain", Thomas Mann invented the Berghof, a mountain retreat. The place never actually existed in Davos. Until now. As a small tribute to Thomas Mann and a new special offer for our guests, we have recreated the Berghof.

In August 2011, construction began on our cosy holiday residence with the expansion of a new intermediate building. In the freezing cold (to -22 degrees), the carpenters continued in January 2012 with the cote's extension. Within a short time, the wooden walls of the former cote area were removed, partially cleaned and reinstalled. During this stage of construction the hay barn stood on a few pillars - literally in the air.

By July 2012 the conversion had advanced to the point that the interior work could begin. The choice of material has been deliberately reduced to a few materials. Parts of the floors are flagged; those in the bedrooms and living rooms are wooden. The preferred materials for the walls are old wood and clay plaster. Only the bathrooms walls are plastered with Terra di Pietra. A special feature is certainly the former cote. The high room is dominated by the original untreated roundwood and the roof soffit. The idea was to leave the roundwood walls unchanged in the way they were rolled up many years ago. At Christmas 2012 the luxurious romantic Chalet Berghof Sertig finally opened its doors.

Architect: Peter Meisser
Interior architecture: B&B Inneneinrichtung, Klosters


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