Massages & Therapies

Medical and relaxing massages at the Waldhotel Davos

Rediscover your body with specially selected products and exclusive massage techniques that make your skin feel smooth and help you relax completely. Our medical masseur Claudia Ristau looks forward to indulge you.

Spa Brochure

Full Body- or Sport-Massage / Foot Reflex
45 Min. 90
  5er Abo 360
Partial- or Sport-Massage / Foot Reflex
25 Min. 55
  5er Abo 220
DermaLineLotion add-on in connection with massage 45 Min. 12
DermaLineLotion add-on in connection with massage 25 Min. 8
Relax Massage 50 Min. 110
Lymph Drainage 45 Min. 90
  5er Abo 360
Shiatsu / Spinal-Cord Therapy 60 Min. 110
Body Peeling & Massage 75 Min. 155
Hot Stone Massage, Full Body 75 Min. 155
Hot Stone Massage, Back – Shoulders – Neck 25 Min. 70
Feel Good Day Standard (only during the winter season)
Feel Good Day Deluxe (only during the winter season)
Feel Good Morning (only during the winter season)

Classic Massage

The classic massage furthers blood circulation and lymph circulation, improves nutritional conditioning as well as the metabolism in the connective tissue and musculature. As a result, joints and nerves are being relaxed and tensions are being released. This leads to a general sense of well-being which is emphasized through the use of aromatic oils. Using aromatic oil comes at an extra charge.

Sport Massage

The sport massage regenerates and mobilizes the entire musculoskeletal system, loosens tense muscles and joints and this in a preventative fashion as well as with sport-injuries.

Aroma Massage

DermaLine products from Piniol are based on natural fundamentals and as such come without paraffin or other petroleum-based derivatives or preservatives. For the classic- or sport-massage, please choose from one of the following three lotions for an improved sense of well-being:

  • Care” improves skins elasticity;
  • Mandarin” furthers the skins metabolic rate;
  • and “Rose” supports the regeneration of skin, i.e. cellulite.  

Relax Massage

This combination of a classic massage and Shiatsu-techniques with mobilization and releasing breathing exercises relieves deep tensions in the area of neck/shoulders and leads to a comfortable over-all sense of well-being.

Salt of the Alps – Body Peeling

Gentle body-peeling for silky soft skin. Body-peeling with Sel des Alpes activates the renewal of cells and micro-circulation. Choose between the three different aromas “Fresh Acerola” (Acerola berries are rich in Vitamin C), “Pure Edelweiss” (the plant acts as a real anti-aging complex) or “For Men” (the peeling with the detoxifying component Malachit – especially for men). Afterwards enjoy a soothing full-body massage with an aromatic lotion of your choice (also see Aroma Massage).

Foot-Reflex Massage

After H. Marquart
The treatment of ailments by applying pressure to certain reflex-points on the foot is being practiced for over 5000 years in places such as India and China. This form of therapy affects the entire organism. Chronic and acute illnesses affecting the musculoskeletal system, dysfunctions of the respiratory- and urogenital-tract, but also ailments affecting the digestive- and central nervous-system (head) will be affected positively. 

Hot stone massage

Already practiced widely by the Aztecs and other Indian tribes, this widely known massage with basalt-stones activates the metabolism, blood circulation as well as energy-flow --Thus causing deep muscular and mental relaxation. The smooth stones are heated and soaked with aromatic oils. The therapist slides the stones in slow but intensive motions over the body and positions them afterwards on top of the central energy-points on your back.

Lymph Drainage

After Földi
Relaxing and rhythmic strokes cause for the lymph to start flowing. Thus purifying the tissue and providing the cells with better nutrition. The lymph drainage dehydrates, purifies and decreases water retention.

Spinal Column Therapy

After Dorn
The therapist corrects defective positions and blockages of one or more vertebras which cause frequent irritations to nerve-strands. The therapy begins with a massage after Breuss which releases physical and mental tension and at the same time improves the regeneration of under-supplied intervertebral discs.

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