Stunning rooms with a  breath-taking view over Davos

Our light-flooded and harmoniously decorated rooms afford you a spectacular view over Davos and the surrounding mountain peaks. 46 of the rooms and suites that were redesigned in the summer of 2012 are equipped with many new and luxury features, floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows and airy, big balconies. A further 10 exclusive living spaces bear the hallmark of the star architects Pia Schmid and Hans-Jörg Ruch and through their successful fusion of the finest materials, such as Canadian maple wood and noble Vals granite, satisfy the very highest of standards.

“The more I think of it, the surer I am that the bed of repose - by which I mean my deck-chair, of course - has given me more food for thought in these ten months than the mill down in the flat-land in all the years before”
THOMAS MANN. Magic Mountain
Thomas Mann & History

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