31 December 2015

If only time would go a little faster! Paul is impatient and filled with longing! He walks around restlessly - another three hours, then they will see each other again! He will be able to hold her in his arms again ... Who? Anna, his fiancée.

He is already greatly looking forward to the glamorous evening! "Bohème Sauvage" - a glittering New Year's Eve ball - all in the style of the golden 1920s!

And finally it is time! Paul enters the ballroom and looks around, searching for her. Where is she? There! He recognises her immediately: she is so beautiful! A ravishing cocktail dress - plus a decorated headband, feather boa, a string of pearls and a fan - simply perfect!

They are overjoyed to see each other again! In the best of moods they allow themselves to be carried away by the fascination of the "roaring twenties", and dance late into the night! Charleston, swing, tango and tap - spirited rhythms - presented live by the gifted singer Christine Nachbauer. They enjoy the luxurious atmosphere and the boisterous mood - at the Waldhotel Davos.

What a way to mark the turn of the year! A glittering party - intensive nightlife in the style of the wild 1920s. With an outstanding aperitif, and an excellent New Year's Eve gala menu in the dining room.

Midnight. Paul and Anna are in a close embrace and are exuberantly happy, with two glasses of sparkling Champagne and the legendary Waldhotel fireworks! Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve Gala Menu in the Dining Room

New Year's Eve Tapas Menu in the wine restaurant Mann & Co.


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