Little David is so excited already! Tomorrow is Christmas! Will Father Christmas bring him the railway engine he has been dreaming of for so long? Wow, there is sooo much snow! David simply can't believe it! White mountain tops wherever he looks. Our story takes place in Davos, in the heart of picturesque Switzerland. Just like the most wonderful winter fairytales: the magic of the alpine landscape, the peaceful silence and the glittering festive atmosphere. They have arrived: at the Waldhotel Davos - an idyllic place where David and his grandparents are going to spend an unforgettable Christmas.

24 December 2015

Hooray! Father Christmas is coming today! It's finally here! David notices it immediately - there's a very special magic in the air! Everything is sparkling and glistening so mysteriously ... First thing in the morning his grandparents surprise him with a wonderful snowy walk in the winter wonderland. David's cheeks
are glowing red. He is already very excited and is looking forward to this evening!

It all starts in the Krokowski Bar - over an atmospheric aperitif with live instrumental music. David snuggles up to Grandma and Grandpa by the comforting, warm open fire. And here he is! Father Christmas is coming in now! And he has a sack full of presents with him! The three of them listen excitedly to his fascinating stories. David's eyes glow as he unwraps his present: the red railway engine!

And of course he takes it with him into the festively decorated dining room. It is magically beautiful here too, and the exclusive Christmas Eve menu is not just an enjoyable culinary experience for his grandparents. It's simply heavenly: the sensuous atmosphere, shimmering candlelight and the unobtrusive live music. Happy Christmas, David!

25 December 2015

The three of them start Christmas Day with a devout service at the peaceful Davos church. Their hosts Bardhyl Coli and Maria Redlich accompany them.

David will remember this afternoon for a very long time. Why? Eating chocolates and making sweet truffles - yum! The chocolate course with chef Karim Schumann really makes the children's hearts beat a little faster!

And in the evening? Wonderful music and an exquisite Christmas menu in the elegant dining room. Christine Nachbauer is singing live! And Grandma and Grandpa are dancing! There is an enchanting festive mood in the bar too with wonderful live music. And what smells so enticing? Delicious mulled wine? Heavenly cookies?

26 December 2015

Our three heroes start their day off with a good deed. They give pleasure to some needy children! How does it work? The little written notes on the "gift tree" in the Krokowski Bar reveal all!

But now it's time to get out into the fresh air! What a breathtaking mountaintop panorama! David is thrilled by the trail that he and his grandparents magic up in the unspoiled natural setting. Now our little one is really sleepy. He snuggles up in his cosy bed and dreams of the red railway engine. His grandparents seize the opportunity of enjoying a wine tasting with the hosts Bardhyl Coli and Maria Redlich.

In the evening they enjoy the lovingly designed Christmas menu par excellence. In Grandma's arms by the comforting, warm open fire in the Krokowski Bar, the little one's eyes close. Sleep well, little David!

Christmas Eve Menu in the Dining Room


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